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Keep2Share Premium Account – Better on file hosting September 2020

Are you looking for the best in user friendly file sharing? Do not look further.

Keep2Share is a popular choice among acquaintances, and for good reason. Keep2Share Premium has become a widely used service for all types of file hosting and sharing needs. Discover all the best features it has to offer and learn how to implement this for yourself in depth in the Keep2Share review.

There are numerous file hosts and multi-hosts on the web. It is very difficult to know what to choose when there are so many confusing options. You don’t want to get caught up in fraud or waste time and money on a bad deal. For some simple reason this service is rising above the competition. Anyone who is serious about data storage and transfers can go with making the Keep 2 Share Premium Account the best choice.


When you share files, you need to make sure your personal data is secure and secure. Keep2Share does not share your personal information with third parties. Ensures that your files are encrypted and that anyone who wants to get your data malicious will find it difficult to do so. Keep2Share Premium Pro allows you to take advantage of all the best features of the site while your account is anonymous.

Easy to use

You do not have to spend a lot of time getting your head around uploading and downloading files. The site is designed with a simple and intuitive UX, so navigating is easy and smooth. Uploading and downloading with intuitive drag and drop feature is not easy. If you ever need to fix an issue or need some guidance, help is always at hand.


Keep2Share uses sophisticated technology to make sending and receiving files a painless experience. Gone are the days of counting minutes, hours and days when your file was hard to transfer. By uploading files to the cloud, the transfer speed is dramatically reduced. This makes the premium service a great time saver.

How does it work?

Let’s look at the technical reasons why Keep2Share is the best site for you to upload and download.

Uploading and downloading files

Keep2Share Premium and Premium Pro accounts have many great features that make it easy to upload and download files. All you have to do to upload a file is drag and drop your file into the box. You can upload 2GB worth of files and download 20GB / 50GB files every day. Both types of premium accounts allow for simultaneous downloads, meaning you do not have to sit in your browser until the first file is finished. Even if your WiFi connection is cut off, you will not lose your download progress. Your download will continue from where it left off, so you do not have to restart. Your files will be kept safe for 180 days so you can take your time accessing and downloading the documents.
Cross-site compatibility

Keep2Share is compatible with many different operating systems. Whether you are a Windows, Linux or Mac user, Android or iOS, you have included this file host. It doesn’t matter what sites you use – Keep2Share can meet your upload and download needs. You can access the site and all downloads in all major browsers, giving you the freedom to use the tools you need.

Integration It is one of the best file sharing sites on the market. The main function is designed with the user in mind, so it is compatible with third party features. In simple terms, this means that you can use Download Accelerator to further increase your download speed. Another feature that is unique to Keep2Share is that there is no restriction on which download accelerator you can use. The premium account allows you the freedom to pick your own download accelerator.

Faster speed

Keep2Share Premium account members can take advantage of high download speeds. Downloading large files is windy with speeds up to mb / s. Customers using a free account will be restricted to a maximum download speed of 50kb / s. This is a significant improvement in the download speed of the premium account, which gives you the ability to access your data as quickly as you need and want. Another advantage of the Keep2Share premium account is that you do not have to wait for your download to start. This will start immediately and make the overall work more time consuming.
No ads

When you pay for a Keep2Share Premium or Premium Pro account, you can use the ad-free service. That means no annoying pop-ups and no third parties trying to get your money. Basic members who do not pay for an account will receive ads to earn revenue by using the site.

Choose the best Keep2Share account for you

There are 3 types of Keep2Share account. This table gives you the deduction for providing each different account. Read on for more details on the pros and cons of each category of members and find out what works best for you.
Account Keep2Share Free Keep2Share Premium Keep2Share Premium
Monthly cost $ 0.00 $ 9.50 $ 11.75
File size limit is 1GB $ 9.50 10GB
Download speed is unlimited at 50 kb / s
Download range is 1GB 20GB to 50GB per day
Download Waiting time 30 seconds Instant
Download Manager No Yes Yes
Affiliate Downloads Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Advertising Yes No No
Virus Verification No No Yes
Anonymous Downloads No No Yes
Try Keep2Share for free?

The most basic level of Keep2Share account is 100% free. This means you can test the water without spending a single penny. Since this is a free account, you will not get the same quality service you expect from a premium account. You can only download files up to 1 GB and you have to wait 30 seconds for the download to start. Free users are limited to 50 kb / s download speed and will see ads. Overall, a free account is not a one-time use, but it is a tasty one compared to premium accounts.

Get a Keep2Share Premium Account 2020

To take full advantage of this site, you need to get a Keep2Share Premium Account. Premium members get a big upgrade on the service, which includes an increased file size of 5GB and up to 20GB of downloads per day! You can say goodbye to annoying ads and watch your download live. Download speeds are also unlimited, which means you can quickly get what you want. This premium account comes with a price tag, which is good value for the service of the offer. Users pay only 50 9.50 per month. Unlike other file sharing services, there are no hidden fees – you get what you pay for. That means you only pay 31 0.31 per day!

Keep2Share Premium Pro account offers many more

Keep2Share Premium Pro has better features than the Premium package. This package is perfect for members who want to use this service on a daily basis. Whether it’s sending assignments on the job or sharing videos with friends – it’s yours! Premium Pro customers double their file size limit to two more dollars a month. Keep2Share Premium Pro costs only 75 11.75 per month. So, for 39 0.39 per day, members can share files up to 10 GB in size. With unlimited download speed and waiting time you can expect, you can download even more – 50GB every day! Other benefits that are very useful for frequent downloads are increased storage capacity, anonymous download and virus verification. The Premium Pro package gives users peace of mind. File sharing is what it should be – secure, quick and easy.
How to pay

Once you have selected the package that suits you, you need to find a way to pay. This is not difficult as there are many different payment methods to suit everyone. Even if you choose to try a free account, it is easy to upgrade to a Premium or Pro account if you change your mind. All of these payment methods are fast, secure and secure. Transactions are encrypted, so you can be sure that your money and personal data are protected

There are also some different payment plans for Premium and Premium Pro users. Costs will vary depending on how often you want to pay.

Member Keep2Share Premium Keep2Share Premium Pro

Test $ 6.95 / 3 days $ 8.95 / 3 days
$ 16.95 / month $ 21.95 / month
Quarterly $ 13.98 / month $ 17.32 / month
Annual $ 9.50 / month $ 11.75 / month
Make Money With Keep2Share

Using Keep2Share to make extra money on the page is easy. The ‘Make Money’ link at the bottom of the page will take you to the Money Platform page. There, you can easily register to create an account. For a small cut, the Money Platform allows you to make money while others download your files. Uploading files makes it easy to make money. You can also earn more by sharing content on personal accounts and websites.
Our final thoughts

We hope this Keep2Share review has made it clear to you why this file sharing site is worth your time. It has a number of great features that have made its place a solid option and will help it stay that way for years to come. If you are still on the fence about whether you can bite the bullet and pay into the premium account – we will pronounce it for you. Similar to the entry level for basic free account file sharing. Does it work, but realistically? It doesn’t get you far. Adequate bonus features are available on the Keep2Share premium account. Customers who want to bang their rupee higher will not be disappointed with the Premium Pro account. Double file size limit and 50GB downloads per day, with a very respectable download speed is worth your money. Many users will also enjoy anonymous downloads and virus scanners.

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